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Episode 30: Sports in 140

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This week we welcome Brendan Wilhide from to discuss the latest news and share some insights on team social media use. Key news stories: Sports Fan Graph, Top college sports-related search terms in march, lands admits doping and accuses lance, 2012 olympic mascots, ESPN fends off Fox for rights to ACC, virtual goodluck from NJ nets and vaynermedia, tweetups, and Cleveland social media deck.


  1. Sports Fan Graph by CoyleMedia – Link
  2. Top College Sports-Related Content Search Terms for March 2010 – Link
  3. Landis admits Doping, Accuses Lance – Link
  4. 2012 Olympic Mascots – Link
  5. ESPN fends off Fox for rights to ACC – Link
  6. Virtual Goodluck from NJ Nets and Vaynermedia – Link

Videos before the breaks – DC United World Cup  TV Spot. See more at Don’t forget to send your questions to be answered on future shows. Send us a reply @ROWSHOW on twitter or an email.

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