November 11, 2015

Mobile App 3.3 Update Brings Auction Bidding

The latest version of the iOS and Android app brings several items. Here is what’s new:

  • Members can now view auction prizes and place bids on the go!
  • Threshold prize unlocking and redemption is now labeled more clearly
  • Location service availability is checked more often for a more responsive error message

The 3.3 update is now available in the Google play store and the iOS update will be available as soon as Apple approves (this week hopefully).

October 28, 2015

Brand New Mobile Websites Launched!

This August we completely overhauled the custom FanMaker mobile apps with a new design and tons of functionality improvements. Now we have updated the mobile web experience to match! When fan’s visit a rewards site on their android and apple phones they will see an interface similar to the mobile apps in their chrome and safari web browsers without the need to install the app. This is a big improvement over the last version.


Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome web browsers are supported. We still encourage mobile app install for a more robust experience, but now fan’s can get instant gratification in their mobile web browser.

October 19, 2015

New Tool for Merging Member Accounts

We’ve added a new member merge tool that lets you combine two accounts into one and maintain point activity and attendance details. Perfect for cleaning up duplicate accounts for your customers. It’s easy to use:

  1. Locate the member you want to KEEP and visit their profile in the admin
  2. Click on “Manage” and locate the Merge module
  3. Using the merge tool search for the member you want to merge with
  4. Click merge to delete the selected account and transfer the point history into the account you keep



In this example, all the points and details from [email protected] were moved to [email protected] and [email protected] was deleted.

merge history

We hope you enjoy this top requested feature, but do be careful. Mergers cannot be undone, and remember one account is destroyed forever. For your record keeping a history of all mergers is included on the manage page.

Select another member’s account to merge with this member. The selected member will be deleted after the point activities, attributes, and IDs are merged. The [email protected] account will be kept. If an ID number or attribute already exists on [email protected] account, it will not be overwritten with the selected members data. All possible data will be merged, merging CANNOT be undone, so please use carefully.


October 6, 2015

Mobile App 3.2 Update Brings Expanded Events View, Password Reset and more!

The latest version of the iOS and Android app brings several new and highly requested features. Here is what’s new:

  • New expanded events view for additional event details
  • Option to add an image to events
  • Option to add a “Buy Tickets” link to events
  • Option to add event details text to events (Including support for links)
  • Added explicit “Check In” button
  • Added success and informational check in status message
  • Promotion of stay late bonus points after event starts
  • Password reset can now be triggered in the mobile app
  • Push notifications now make a sound
  • New Star icon for bonus games
  • Misc bug fixes

The 3.2 update will be available in the Google play store 10/7 and the iOS update will be available as soon as Apple approve it this week. / continue reading

October 1, 2015

Imports Now 10 Times Faster

We have rebuilt our import system from the ground up. It is now up to 10 times faster at processing imports, and is incredibly more reliable. In addition we added feedback on processing status, so you will now see a percentage of completion in addition to queue status for multiple imports. When your imports complete many now have results files available for download that give helpful success/fail messages for each row.


We hope you like the improvements we’ve made, as a reminder here are the types of items that can be imported.

  • NEW! Attendance (upload check ins to events)
  • Create Members (Create new accounts and assign temp passwords)
  • Member Info (Add fields to members like name and id numbers)
  • Tags (For bulk tagging of members)
  • Points (Grant point in bulk to members)
  • POS Locations (Manage naming for POS terminals)
  • SKUS (Manage descriptions for SKUs in bulk)
September 30, 2015

New! Add an Image, Buy Tickets Link, and Promotional Details to Events

As part of our 3.2 Mobile app update we focused on giving teams more options for event promotion. You now have the option to add an image, text details, and even let fans buy tickets within the app. Here’s what this new feature looks like in action.



All of these optional items are available under the event details section of each events settings.
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September 22, 2015

6 Tips – How Alabama Crafts Crimson Tide Rewards Emails

When sending email to promote your loyalty/rewards program there are some tried and true ways to increase its effectiveness. Alabama’s Crimson Tide Rewards does a fantastic job with their monthly update emails, so let’s go through the anatomy of a great promotional email:

1. Give Away a Brand New Car

Just kidding! You don’t need to give away a brand new Toyota Rav4 like Alabama, but you should try filling the marquee position of your email with a  prize. Fans want to know what is in it for them, so featuring a once-in-a-lifetime experience or one of your awesome prizes is a great way to grab their attention. Optionally, if you have recently handed out a large prize like Alabama did, showing the winner accepting or enjoying the prize will make rewards seem achievable for the average fan.

alabama-email-tips / continue reading

September 17, 2015

8 Push Notification Messages you Should be Sending to Your Fans

Recently we had a webinar on push notification and beacon best practices. In the video we discuss the how, what, and why of sending push notifications. The end result is these 8 recommendations that you should try today.

1. Welcome Fans on Game Day

Depending on the sport, your fans may arrive hours before the game. Let them know you appreciate them showing up by sending a push notification. The best way to do this is to add beacons to parking lot entrances and tailgate areas. Setup a scheduled beacon trigger (So the message is only sent pre-game) to go off. This way as soon as the fan drives into the parking lot they get greeted!

Bonus points if you sell a sponsor on being included in the message and include extra points for tailgating.

Welcome to tailgate country… see you at the game later. Remember, an ice cold Miller Light makes every tailgate better!

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September 3, 2015

Track How Long Fans Stay and Award Stay Late Bonus Points

As part of FanMaker’s powerful new multichannel attendance system you can now track and award fans like never before:

  • Know what time fan’s arrive via GPS, beacon, ticket scan, and iPad Kiosk (API)
  • Send a welcome push notification with or without beacons NEW!
  • Award early arrival points for coming at least XXmin early
  • Measure how many minutes fans stay, and use for loyalty ranking NEW!
  • Award points for staying at least XXmin NEW!

example log / continue reading

August 26, 2015

Attendance Setup and Best Practices

Recently many improvements have been made to the way events and attendance work in your FanMaker Loyalty program. This webinar will focus on those changes as well as best practices for event settings and promotion.

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